Dont have the time during the week while you work? We also have Doggie Daycare / Grooming Packages! 

We are looking for Dirty Dogs!

We want your Dirty Dog to come to Sophisticated Paws to have the most amazing spa bath he/she will ever get! We use all natural products. We Love dirty dogs!! Call for your price for your dogs Spa day, But remember it has to be Dirty..

We  offer just a Bath, Brush, Nails, Ears, Teeth, Facial & Light Groom and you can Stop that dog from shedding for only $10.00 More OR you can schedule for your dogs Full Spa day with full groom.. We also give Moisturizing baths, Flea baths, Odor baths, De-shedding baths, almost any kind of bath you are looking for and it is all natural and smells amazing!!!!!!!

Trust me your dog is begging you for his/her chance for their day at the spa............ Call us now to book your Appt. and pricing. 

We offer a 10% Military     Discount

( Only 1 Discount can be used in a single transaction. )



The Woof Lodge  is a great place to to assure you that your Dog is provided a  clean, warm or Cool comfortable place to stay while you can't be there.   

Dog Day-care



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Location:  78 Old Shoals Rd, Arden NC 28704


​828-216-5187  OR  828-585-2772

 FAX: 844-830-6075


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Doggie Daycare & Boarding!

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