​The Woof Lodge LLC.

Daycare Questions and Answers ! 

Q: Do I need to make a Reservation to bring my dog to Daycare? 

A: No, No Need for a reservation! If you Need Daycare you can Just Drop Off! ( Unless your dog is non - Neutered or Spayed we must have space !) Please call. 

Q: What will my Dog Be Doing While at Daycare?

A: Getting Exercise , Mingling with other dogs for Socialization skills, Learning how to have fun!

Q: Will my dog be with Dogs his or Her Size? 

A: Not always, We do group our dogs by size and by Personality , unless you Specify 

Q: Will My Dog Have access to Water while at our facility? 

A :  Yes , Of Coarse .. It is state required that all dogs in the facility have access to water 24/7

Q: Why is my dog tired and Thirsty when we get home?

A: We make sure every dog for daycare gets Exercise and interacts whether this is with Human or Other dogs . Do keep in mind , if we see a dog is getting overly exerted we will pull the dog from the group and allow to rest, Dogs are busy and take quick drinks while playing .. This is normal for all dogs. 

Q: Do you allow aggressive dogs to play ?

A: No, No aggressive dogs get to play with the group. We keep all dogs safe and make sure they have a fun day !  All play groups are supervised by humans. 

Q: How Much indoor and Outdoor space do we have for Play?  

A: We have 2 very Large Climate Controlled Indoor Playrooms and 3 Large Outside areas for Play! 

All  Areas are sanitized 2-3 times daily . 

Q: What do I need to bring for Daycare for my dog? 

A: No need to bring anything , Unless your Dog eats a Lunch Mid-day , then you may bring in a zip-lock bag.

Q: How Much does daycare Cost? 

A: Daycare Starts at $23.00 per day and Goes down in price. Join our VIP Club and Save Big ! 



​Q: Is there a discount for multiple dogs?
A:Yes we  offer multiple dog discounts if the dogs are able to share a Suite. 
Q: Can you provide my dog his/her medications? Is there a charge?
A: We will provide your dog's medications at a charge of $10.00 per stay . 
Q: Can I take a tour of your Facility? 
A: We are sorry to say we do not give tours of our Facility due to we are an open Kennel where our dogs get to run freely to their Destination ( Playroom , Outdoor areas, to their Rooms ) so for the safety of all dogs staying at Woof Lodge we do not allow anyone to enter the kennel areas. Although you may watch from the large lobby window pups at play in one of our main playrooms! 
Q: How can I check in and see how my dog is doing?
A: You can give us a call ! We also provide pics upon request via text 

2 pics per stay or check our Facebook for Many photos to be posted randomly. 
​Q: Should I bring anything for my dog’s stay? Do I need to bring my own dog food?
A: You must bring your dog’s food from home to keep their stomach from getting sick during their stay. You may bring a small blanket or something for your dogs room to make him or her more comfortable. Also, If you wish to bring chew toys or stuffed animals that will help make your dog feel more at home we have no problem with this! 

​Q: Does someone stay with the dogs overnight?
A: Yes, we have overnight staff that monitor your pets stay incase a problem were to arise.  We also have monitored security, fire, and temperature control alarms. If any dog or Pet becomes distressed overnight our human will make sure the problem is taken care of weather that is potty in the middle of the night or just plain scared our human will take care of your pet what ever the problem.

 Q: What do the dogs do all day?
A: The dogs are placed in indoor/outdoor play areas where they can socialize and play with other dogs. They are separated by size, temperament, and activity level. If a dog is tired, they can take a nap in one of our spacious Suites. Overnight guests spend an hour and a half in their Suites for morning and evening meals in addition to taking a short nap in the middle of the day. All Boarding dogs get daycare during the day even if they cant socialize with others they will get their own time on a rotation indoors and out. 

Q: Do you have outdoor and indoor play areas?
A: Yes. We have both indoor and outdoor play areas which are very large areas for all dogs to get proper exercise. All Areas get sanitized 2 times a day so they stay super clean. 

Q: What age does my dog have to be to join Daycare or be able to Board?

A: As Long as your dog is 8 weeks of age and has been through De-Worming Process and has necessary vaccines for that age !